Friday, June 23, 2006

2 Years

2 Years

It is now exactly two years since I bought Lady Jane.

As you can see from the picture above, I've made what I consider to be pretty good progress, all things considered.

As I've said before, it's not so much what you can see, but that which you can see represents an enormous amount.

Two years ago I had no boats, now I have four and have learnt so much in that relatively short space of time.

What a journey it has been this last two years, with some very big ups and some very big downs.

It must be said that there have been more ups than downs and, seeing the leaps and bounds I've been making just recently, the overall outlook is good.

None of this would have been achieved without help from all sorts of people, all of whom deserve my thanks so, at the risk of forgetting someone, here goes (in no particular order):

  • Fred, for his encouragement and commitment to helping

  • Robin, for the advice and, of course, all the skilled work on the boat

  • Pat, for her ongoing help and encouragement

  • Mary, for getting stuck in and helping

  • Jason, for help chipping and painting

  • Bert, for all sorts of help

  • Malcolm, for the patient painting

  • Andy, for the help with painting down below

  • Mick, for the advice and loan of tools and his truck

  • Karen, for putting up with hearing about Lady Jane all the time

  • Steve, for help chipping

  • Dave, for help emptying the fish hold

  • Dawn, for help cleaning

  • Shaun, for help painting and wrecking the wheelhouse

  • Rick & Karen, for the wonderful hospitality during my stay on Wanderbird

  • Dave, my dive buddy of old, for some of the original help

  • Stuart, for the loan of his rib and for the training and advice unstintingly given

  • John, for skippering Lady Jane (you are not forgotten)

  • Rob, at the yard, for all his help, especially with lifting stuff

  • Steve G, one of the former owners, for the advice

  • Kate, who was there in the beginning

  • Fred & Rik and the other regular readers of my blog for all the positive comments and encouragement


  1. 2 years, wow. :) happy anniversary!

    It might look like nothing more than a paint job has been done, but thanks to you, sharing your experiences day after day for such a long period, we know there's a ton of other work that went into it.

    So I want to thank you for allowing us to share in the adventure you are having for two years now. :)

  2. Tomorrow we celebrate 12 years of Dutch Barging. I guess we're halfway finished, there may always be a half unfinished. The list of things to do changes but never dissapears altogether. Keep going and keep writing.

  3. Hi Andrew

    I know exactly what you mean.

    The half unfinished is part of the fun to come.

    The half that is finished is part of the satisfaction of what has been achieved.