Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welding complete

Welding completeHurrah, welding in the stern accommodation space is now complete.

You can see Robin putting the finishing touches to the welding on the new section of plate we put into the hull.

This is the last of several separate welding projects in this part of the boat, including repairing a drain pipe from the galley, patching holes drilled in the forward bulkhead, patching holes rusted in the stern bulkhead, patching a hole rusted through from the deck above and blanking the old shower drainpipe outlet in the hull.

Now the pressure is on me to get a second coat of bitumen paint on inside. I want to do this bit well as, hopefully, it should last another forty years, or so.

As soon as painting is complete, and a new sole (floor) is laid, I can get going with insulating the place, then fitting a plywood inner skin.

I'm so looking forward to the stern accommodation being habitable at last.


  1. Well hello TZ. We were floating around a bit aimlessly this AM when along came two very fine British Lifeboats and they saved the day.....thanks so much old man! We are possibly headed to Antarctica on charter this winter and would like to start a blog like yours to keep folks updated....not that you have lots of free time but might you help us get started with a blog? Till this summer if you can. Your friends, R&K

  2. Those silly wee cans of spray foam insulation don't go far! Better for filling in the gaps.

    Although it wasn't cheap, it so happens spray foam insulation is the line of business that our landlord does. It was a trick getting all the hoses over the other boats and onto the Bowie but the winter was much nicer as a result.

    It is really coming along Tim.

  3. Fred (WWR)10:41 PM

    Wow Tim, I continue to be fastinated with your project. You are certainly fortunate to have some of the best talent helping you out.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi R&K

    Glad the lifeboats made it across the pond safely.

    As to the blog, it's surprisingly easy, and fun once you get going.

    I'll email you separately.

    Cheers for now.


  5. Hi Bowiechick

    I had tested with a small can of foam, but the company do real big cans, which I'll use.

    This will make a fun blog entry once it starts.


  6. Hi Fred

    You are right about the talent I have helping.

    The help and support of so many, including the regulars on this blog, really helps to keep me motivated.

    Keep the dirty side down.