Friday, May 19, 2006

Spot the difference

Spot the difference

I took the picture on the right then, after looking at it, thought 'I've seen this somewhere before'.

Purely by chance, I'd taken the picture with the same bed linen as was in one of the original pictures sent to me by the previous owners before I bought Lady Jane.

Interestingly, their title for the picture was "Temporary cabin in wheelhouse".

Looking at the dates in the header of the original picture, I see it was taken on the 9th of May. Almost exactly two years before my picture.

Can you see the differences? Click on the picture for a larger image.

That I know of, the differences are:

  • The old ceiling has been removed and new insulation is now visible in sections where the wood has not been replaced yet

  • The bench/table to the left has no books or lamps etc. You can see the speakers for my mp3 player now.

  • The partition in the foreground and top right has been cut off completely

  • I have a candle holder on the starboard windowsill

  • You can see some loose wires and a thermometer to the left of my picture

  • My torch (flashlight) is on the port windowsill
The main differences, although not visible at all, are:

  • The cabin is now dry and cozy, as the leaks in the roof have been welded up

  • There is much more insulation in the ceiling

  • The bunk has been re-built and has a new mattress
Like so much I've done on Lady Jane, the differences are not so much in the cosmetics, but in the underlying structure.

Also, I'm a firm believer in the old adage - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


  1. What? You can't stand sleeping in a bed where it the rain drips through onto you? Jeez...quite the princess and the pea aren't you?

    Teasing aside, I SO relate Tim. The "progress" is, more often than not, not so evident by those who aren't living though it.

    Just this eveing G and I took out the speedboat to look at the Bowie. As we drifted on the river, the ship was all lit up with lights and bodies walking about. Despite it's still so much looks like a derelict it is very much "alive." It had this internal glow that makes me believe the spirit of this vessel appreciates all that we are trying to accomplish.

    But I suppose that only would make sense to us.

    Cheers, Tana

  2. I agree Tana.

    Thanks for the comment.