Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shower room

Shower roomThe steelwork in the shower room is now complete, save for drilling a few holes for the hot and cold water pipes.

The picture looks grim, I know, but the black stuff is all brand new steel, coated with Rustroy and ready for priming.

Once I've got a few coats of primer and some paint in there, it will all look so much better.

With the place all painted, I'll be able to go ahead and install the mirror, shelf and hand basin I've had floating around underfoot for a long time now.

That the mirror has not been broken is somewhat of a miracle. Looking back at a December 2004 entry in my blog, I see I bought that mirror at least 17 months ago.

I don't expect the plumbing to be too much of a problem, using Speedfit fittings, then finally I'll be able to enjoy the luxury of a completed shower room.

The amount of man hours sunk into that tiny space is unbelievable.

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