Friday, May 26, 2006

Nearly there

The rust busting, meanwhile, continues. Weather and tide dependant of course.

As you can see in the picture, I've nearly made it all the way to the centreline of the stern, which means I've cleaned up most of the hull on the starboard side. The muddy swans have, of course, temporarily halted work up forward until their eggs hatch.

Nearly thereAlthough this section of the hull looks pretty bad it's not too difficult to work, as the rust is relatively smooth here and comes off fairly easily with a wirebrush.

Where the blue paint is sound under the wire brush I'm simply leaving it, as I figure that more layers of paint can only be a good thing in the ongoing struggle against the rust.

I also still have a strip just above the waterline all the way down the starboard side to rust bust, but before I do this I want to get more ballast on board to trim Lady Jane up correctly, so I can paint a neat waterline.

Although I really want to press on with the stern accommodation, if the weather is good I'd rather be working outside.