Thursday, May 18, 2006


Slowly, but surely, more and more of Lady Jane is becoming a rust free zone.

ForedeckAsides for rust busting on the outside of the hull, which relies on the vagrancies of the tides and weather, there is increasingly less of the easy stuff to do. The main part of the foredeck being the last of the big easy outside areas.

The bit you can see in the picture has now been primed, and that whole part of the foredeck is ready for a second coat.

There is still the forward section of the foredeck to be started though.

The plan is to put a set of steps either side of the foredeck, making access to that deck from the main deck much easier.

With improved access and all painted up, I know the foredeck will be used much more.

I'm studiously avoiding rust busting on the mast, not because I'm worried about heights but because it should be a two person job, one to belay, also the job needs good weather.

The other areas I've so far avoided have been the overhanging part of the foredeck, simply because it will be physically harder than anywhere else, and the edges of the foredeck because access is difficult.

It's all got to be done sometime.

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