Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Deck project completed

FootingsAt last, I've finished what must be the longest running deck project on Lady Jane.

Finally, the footings for the winch and capstans, which were cut off before I bought the boat, have been filled in with concrete, flush with the rest of the deck.

It's not that I've been working on this continuously. What had happened was I got so far, then the priority dropped right away once the old, rusty, steel was cut away and I had painted the things so they would not rust any more.

More footingsWhat prompted the completion of this project was the arrival of the gazebo, which suddenly meant that getting the deck properly sorted became a priority again.

It's that 'inside outside' concept at work.

Both the pictures show the progress over time on this project.

Regretfully, I don't have any pictures showing the original state of that big section on deck, when it was still half full of concrete with it's jagged metal protrusions.

My thanks to Fred, that patient concrete mixer, for his help and advice with the cement.

I'm so pleased this is finally complete.

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