Monday, May 22, 2006

Bunk - version 1

My mate Andy came down to help on Lady Jane over the weekend.

His visit prompted me to craft a bunk, rather than simply dumping a mattress on the floor which I've done when other guests have been to stay.

After all, how hard can it be to make a bunk?

Harder than it looks is the answer.

My initial plan was a sheet of ply with a leg at each corner. Nope, far, far too wobbly.

Next up, more struts and cross bracing with off cuts and bits and pieces of wood which were lying around. Nope, the legs still spread along the length with any weight on it.

More bracing in the middle finally eased the legs spreading, but not completely.

Given that Andy had come down to help, and the two of us had spent hours on the damn thing by then, we opted to call it quits and accept a little flexibility in the final product!

Bunk - version 1The picture shows Andy ensconced in the newly created 'bunk' in what used to be the fish hold. He is surrounded by a plastic tarpaulin which we put up to help make the place a little more pleasant to be in.

Andy writes "Contact the AA and suggest they list the 'forward suite' in their Good Accommodation guide. You should get at least 3 stars!", so it could not have been all that bad.

I feel a trip to that internationally renowned Swedish furniture store, to see how it should be done, coming on.

Bunks version two onwards will be much better thought out and built.

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