Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another box

Another boxI've had to build another box.

This time it's to house a rather noisy 'silent' generator.

The opportunity arose to buy a brand new, silent, 7KVA (5KW) diesel generator at a very reasonable price, so I jumped at it.

The thinking being that I could do with a silent generator producing all the power I would need, in place of using my noisy old donkey engine.

The first generator from Ecotrax was very noisy, so after some wrangling they agreed to exchange it. The second was a lot quieter, but certainly a long way from being silent, as sold. It even has a silent sticker on the front - what a joke.

The upshot of it all seems to be that I could pay more than double to actually get a silent one, or put up with what I'd got.

No point in arguing about it, so I set about silencing the thing myself with a box, which I'll line with sound absorbing foam or some such material.

Ultimately I'll mount it up forward, in it's acoustic box, under the shelter provided by the front deck, but the duck nesting on deck means it needs to stay on the quayside for now, so she does not get disturbed.

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