Monday, April 03, 2006


One of the really great things about working on Lady Jane is the cool tools I get to learn about and 'play' with.

Timber framingI've been putting the timber framing up in the galley deck head using a Hilti gun, kindly on loan from Mick.

You can see the results in the picture, with a picture of the Hilti gun and nails in the inset (click on the picture for a larger image).

With the timbers cut to length, actually nailing them up takes seconds. You simply load a nail into the gun, push the muzzle of the gun against a piece of wood held in position, then pull the trigger.

The Hilti gun literally fires a steel nail through the wood and well into the steel on the other side, holding the wood firmly in place, with a sound not dissimilar to that of a pistol shot.

I know my timer framing is not coming down in a hurry, as much of the original timber framing on Lady Jane was obviously put up using a Hilti gun and, forty years later, they were tough to remove.

A pretty impressive, although scary, bit of kit.

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  1. that is cool... it means that 40yrs later the workmanship you are doing will be there that is a great tool to use!

  2. Hi Maizzy. Thanks.