Monday, April 10, 2006

The joys of spring

I had Mary over to help. As it turned out, we worked on putting up the new ceiling in the galley, rather than paint.

Behind Mary, you can see that my deck is once again strewn with old wood, rusted steel plate and bags of rubble, this will all be cleared once I have enough to fill a skip.

Anyway, while we were working, an unusually coloured duck, which Mary had commented on just minutes earlier, flew onto my deck, strolled over to one of the bags of rubble and, as calmly as you please, climbed in.

The joys of spring

Intrigued, we both went over to look, to see Mrs Duck sitting in amongst the folds of a bag staring back at us. You can only just make her out in the second frame (Click here for a larger picture and look for her eye right in the middle of the picture).

A little later that afternoon, the duck flew off again so we got to peek in to see a clutch of six eggs laid on the concrete from the shower room.

It amazed me to see the eggs simply laid on the rubble, with no effort to make a nest at all.

Needless to say, work on deck has all but stopped, to avoid disturbing the duck.

The next day, once Mrs Duck had flown off again I counted seven eggs.

What I'm curious to know is how the little chicks are ever going to make it off my deck, as even using the sluices, it's a long drop down to the water.

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  1. That is so cool. I wonder when they will hatch?

  2. Hi Fin

    I'll keep you posted.


  3. Brilliant! The duck is too lazy to build a nest herself, and you have something cool to watch because of that :D

    Enjoy the visitors and keep us updated :)

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing her chicks out and about.

  5. hi tim -

    i just found your blog this morning and have been reading to catch up on all the work you're doing on Lady Jane - it is amazing! Wait - YOU are amazing!

    My husband and I are liveaboards on Cape Cod, MA in the US. We love living on the water. Just wanted to check in and say hello and good luck with the boat!

    - nina (SV Raven)

  6. Hi Nina

    Thanks for that. I really love the lifestyle. As work on Lady Jane progresses I'm finding it harder and harder to leaver her for home.

    Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be able to live on board.