Thursday, April 13, 2006

Galley ceiling

Galley ceilingThe galley ceiling is all up - at last.

The inset in the picture shows the polystyrene insulation packed in before the plywood boards went up, this will cut down on the condensation in the galley.

I know I have a small section of wiring to cover, but that will need to wait, as the missing bits are tucked away out of reach for now.

I was going to put a thin layer of melamine, or similar, board up over the plywood, so the whole thing looked good, but I've decided to simply paint over the lot as this is only temporary anyway.

I'm planning on extending the rear deck out to the edge of the boat, at some point, so at that stage the whole lot will need to come back down so I can weld without setting the place on fire.

Thinking about it, the ceiling was originally pulled down so we could cut and weld the holes in the rear deck. Not bad for a project started in June 2005!

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