Thursday, March 02, 2006


WatertightThere it is, my watertight hatch cover.

It's only a sense of decorum which stops me from putting the word 'watertight' in bright, flashing, neon colours, I'm that proud of getting the edges welded watertight first time.

The picture shows the cover topped up with water, by way of a test. The splashes either side are not because of any leakage, merely the result of me trying to level the thing while it was partly full of water.

I've still got to survive a critique of my welding from Robin, but even he is bound to be a bit impressed.

There is still more work to be done before the cover can finally be commissioned, and the old one dumped, including welding fittings and handles on and, of course, painting it.

I don't feel up to welding a new section of plate into the hull, or anything quite of that magnitude just yet, but this has been a big confidence boost for me.

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  1. Fred (WWR)1:29 AM


    Your progress looks great and I can see the obvious parental love you have for that new hatch cover :) . I just have one question. I'm confused and probably because I missed the one post that explains it all, but, what is the new cover covering? Besides the obvious, "a hatch", that is. Is it for the old fish hatch? or Is it for access to some other below decks compartment?

  2. Hi Fred.

    Welcome back and thanks for the comment.

    I'm not surprised you are confused - I never explained why I'm making the thing in the first place. An oversight I'll put right with pictures soon.

    The short answer is that the existing fish hold hatch cover is completely shot.

    Cheers for now.