Friday, March 10, 2006

Shower room progress

Shower roomThere is a long way to go with the shower room project.

The picture shows me cleaning up the edges Robin has just cut with the Oxy-Acetalene torch.

From here on in, the lion's share of this phase of the work is Robin's, as the welding here needs to be well done.

Last I saw, the first section of deck plate had been welded in place.

With the welding complete, it will be down to me to finish off the fittings, plumbing and painting.

I will be so pleased to get this section of Lady Jane all welded up again, as this has caused a big mess in the engine room, the galley, the battery room and the aft accommodation.

Having the shower room fully functional also brings me one step closer to being able to live on board.

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