Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kindred spirits

Kindred spiritsI'm back from what has been a tremendous trip to see Captains Rick and Karen Miles, and their boat Wanderbird.

That we have so much in common immediately became apparent, helping to build what will hopefully be a lasting friendship.

Wanderbird is both a home and a business for Rick and Karen. It is obvious just how much work and love has gone into every aspect of their boat, with the finishing touches throughout in a league of their own. A high bar for anyone wanting to convert a working boat to a live aboard.

I particularly enjoyed sitting chatting about our shared experiences over some wonderful meals. It's some comfort to discover Rick and Karen have been through so many of the same things I've been experiencing with Lady Jane.

It's safe to say that the job will never be completely done, though while I'm still working on the conversion of Lady Jane from a fishing trawler to a liveaboard, Rick and Karen are working on perfecting what they have so far achieved.

There is no doubt about it, the trek all the way from the UK to Larry's river, Nova Scotia, Canada was well worth it.

The thing that impressed me overall was the realisation that it really is entirely possible for me to make Lady Jane a comfortable and warm home.

There are plans for me to go across and cruise with Rick and Karen on one of Wanderbird's summer voyages, and for Rick and Karen to visit me here in the UK some time after that.

There are also tentative plans for us to do a tandem voyage sometime in the not too distant future, which should prove to be good fun for all concerned.

My heartfelt thanks to both Rick and Karen for their wonderful hospitality. I wish them smooth seas and look forward to us doing more fun stuff together.

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  1. Glad to see you back :)

    Now get back to work :p :D

  2. very happy you haad a wonderful time... my man and I trying to plan a maritimes vacation for this july I bet is very beautiful... :) You lucky man... A boat to reapir and use in the future... I wish I could help but here I am stuck in Quebec for the time being.. heee... :P