Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It fits!

It fitsIt was with some relief that I finally dropped the new hatch cover in place.

You can see the old, very rusty, hatch cover standing behind the new one. The holes in the old one make it obvious why it was easier to simply start afresh.

I had some flat roofing materiel over the old cover, to stop water getting in, but I'm much happier knowing the hatchway over what used to be the fish hold is properly watertight and, more importantly, safe to stand on.

I still need to weld some fittings on, so the hatch can be dogged shut and a handle so it can be opened again.

Once all the welding is done, the cover will need priming and painting and a rubber seal glued in place. So there is still quite a bit of effort left on this particular project.

As it turns out, the hatch bowing slightly outwards works to my favour, as I'll not have water settling on top of the cover.

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