Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm making a box

While it seems unlikely, this is part the aft accommodation project.

I'm making a boxAt some point quite soon, I hope to start applying the spray foam insulation I've bought.

To use the spray foam, the cylinders they come in must be heated to 27 degrees centigrade (that's eighty ish in American degrees).

Heating something to 27 degrees on board is a bit of a problem, as I've not really got anywhere on the boat insulated enough to properly heat the cylinders and anyway, because I produce all my own power, I don't want to run a generator more than I need to.

To solve my heating problems, I've decided to make a heating chamber. This is basically a big, insulated, box. You can see I've made a start on it in the picture.

After about 10 seconds of thought, I realised I could also use this as a beer cooler when I have barbecues (braais for some folk) on board in the summer. Because of this, I'm putting more time and effort into the coolbox heating chamber than would otherwise be necessary.

After all, I've got to get my priorities right.

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  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I'm a bit ignorant and i don't know what a heating chamber is for. Cooking food? Keeping the toes warm? Hmmmm, my interest is piqued.

  2. I've basically just made a big, well insulated, box. It can be used as a cooler just as well as a heater.

    The reason I made my own is I could not find anything suitable elsewhere, and I like making things.


  3. A while a go the "Hay box" was the thing! you used to heat the casserol/stew and then place it into the "Hay box" and it would cook away to its hearts content. An owner who`s boat I took to Portugal for him, made boiled rice by heating the water, inserting the rice and simmering for a while maybe ten minutes and then he placed the pot into his bunk wrapping it under his douvet and in the time it took for the water to get cold the rice cooked beautifully! however on one occasion we were healing over quite dramatically and he starched his sheets! a little with the spilt ricewater!