Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wheelhouse bodge

Lady Jane is more like a big workshop than anything else at the moment. Nobody, not even in their wildest dreams, could call it homely right now.

While the outside is looking better and better, there is a big mess of tools, paint, materials, rust and stuff inside.

Wheelhouse bodgeWhat I'm finding is that now it's winter, and cold, I'm spending my time focused on tasks such as scraping, bashing, painting and the like, then going straight back home in the evenings to somewhere warm and comfy.

I go to the boat with a specific goal in mind and work almost single mindedly to achieve it. As a result, the 'big' stuff is being done at the expense of the smaller, but no less important, jobs such as keeping the living areas of the boat clean and tidy.

Now I'm trying to go down to Lady Jane the evening before a full boat day, spending this time making staying on board that much more pleasant. It's a bit of a chicken and egg situation, as making Lady Jane comfortable to live on in the cold is no trivial task in itself.

I'm working on getting the wheelhouse insulated, clean and cozy first, though this is very much a temporary bodge as there is some serious work to be done here when I get round to it.

I also need to get the ceiling in the galley re-instated, so I stop getting rust flakes in my corn flakes.

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