Friday, February 24, 2006

Shower room

Shower roomTaking a shower now would be a bit tricky.

In the picture you can see through into the engine room, the stern accommodation space and, right at the back of the picture, into the galley.

It looks bad, I know, that's because it really is that bad.

There is still more cutting of rusted plate from the side of the engine room to go before we can start welding the new steel in place.

With the new steel in place I will at last be able to start the completion of the shower room, including a working hand basin, mirror and shelves.

It will all be worth it, once it's all done. What else would we be doing on cold, rainy days anyway?

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  1. As they say Tim..."stiff upper lip" .....won't be too far along now and you'll be enjoying a cold beer and proudly looking at all the fine work that you've done. We are looking forward to your visit.

  2. Hi Rick

    Thanks for the cheery comment.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys soon.