Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The office

The officeAnother hard day at the office.

Here you can see my home 'office', where work on the hatch cover is progressing exceedingly well.

The outdoor fireplace, which you can see has a fire burning merrily inside it, helps to keep me warm when working outside on cold evenings. Thanks to Linda for kindly returning it after all this time.

The hatch cover now has the last of the main pieces tack welded in place. I need to buy some clamps to ensure the steel plate is flush against the edges I'm welding, and some more welding rods to get this part of the job done.

The last bits to do will be to weld a handle and catches on, so the cover can be sealed, paint the whole thing, then put a rubber strip inside the channel I've welded. This will hopefully make the main deck hatch watertight.

Ultimately, this will all be redundant as I start to build forwards from the current wheelhouse block. But something needed to be done and this exercise has helped to build my confidence with cutting and welding projects.

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