Monday, February 27, 2006

New section

New sectionGood news.... Lady Jane is still afloat after some fairly major surgery.

Having a section of hull below the waterline cut out and replaced, all while the tide is out, had made for a nervous couple of days

Plenty of preparation had gone into the whole project, including the careful cutting out and marking of plate and lifting points before starting the committing job of cutting into the hull as soon as the tide went out.

In the event, the cutting of the old and welding in of the new went surprisingly smoothly.

The picture shows Robin putting in the final strech of weld, with the inset showing the old section of plate being lifted out.

Another job well done.

Update: Note that the inset in the picture shows the plate that was cut out, the replacement plate is what Robin is standing on, while he finishes welding the top section in.

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  1. Glad to hear it went well. I bet it came as a relief when it was done.

  2. I'll bet a pint was drawn shortly after the tide came back in ;-)

    Good work.

  3. After a nice hot bath Andrew, as it was a cold day down there.

  4. congratulations! glad to hear it went well.