Monday, January 30, 2006

Workbench II

Here it is, the new workbench:

Workbench II

The picture shows the stages in the making of my new workbench. This replaces the one I 'lost'.

Now, hopefully, I can get going with finishing off the rest of Lady Jane's bow section.

My thanks to Mary for her assistance putting it together on the platform, and sorry for the black paint all over your hands.

I opted for black this time, simply because I could not find the blue paint until after I had started painting.

You can be sure I'll take better care of this one.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Tim,

    Wow, lots of work has been happening since the last time I checked in. I am so happy about it. Now that your work bench is up and ready. You can get going! Happy for you. That was a nice email for Seb. I see he's doing almost the same as you. That is cool! I am so impressed with what you are up to. I cannot wait to see Lady Jane done and ready for travel. She is a beauty. I was admiring her.

    She is one hell of a Lady!!

    Best of luck!