Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wendy Ann 2

I've had a series of really excellent emails today, which cheered me up no end, including news from Captains Rick And Karen from the Wanderbird, which I'll write about in a separate post.

Of particular interest this morning was an excellent email from Seb, which I have taken the liberty of pasting in it's entirety, adding only the picture which I took in December last year.

Hi Tim,

Seb from Wendy Ann 2 here....

I finally joined the 20th century and got me a computer, which due to being a century late I'm still fumbling with learning how to use.

I thought I should start by mailing you to say that I've been following your blog with great interest. Your "seemingly impossible task" seems to be coming on brilliantly and I must say I find your blog entries inspire me in a big way to keep the faith going with our own impossible task.

It's going well I guess - we managed to finish chucking away all the junk before christmas so now it's all about rebuilding,

Wendy Ann 2Robin may have told you about the gargantuan holes which he'd cut out of the plates on the bottom of the hull (something of an obstacle to her definition as a boat!), well last weekend he began work on replacing said plates. Hooray! He's a real find, and so much more to me and Becky than a hired welder, he's becoming a guiding light in our quest to do the job proper with loads of good advice and support.

Meantime the outside of the hull has been uhp blasted at an insane cost and it must be declared not to the highest standard, but never mind- its a beginning; and we've taken a leaf out of your book by starting work grinding all that nasty paint and scale out of the hull interior. Nasty job but it works doesn't it?.

The tent aka the wendy house is holding well so far and was definitely worth every penny (rather a lot of them), the sound of the rain drumming against it both sounds wonderful and also serves to remind us why we built it. Certainly it keeps all the filth contained and therefore saxon wharf don't get upset but it's fulfilling the rather more important duty of enabling us to work in all conditions, like the worlds wierdest camping trip.

I'm still only able to get at Wendy every weekend which means our time on the south coast is incredibly precious- which may explain why we haven't appeared at Lady Janes mooring to visit you just yet. This is a thing which may well change quite soon with new and different job demands and opportunities in my other life.

I do hope so because I'm itching to see your epic project for real, as well as spend a lot more time preparing our iron lady for (one day) her return to the water.

Good luck and I hope to be in better contact in the future with my new toy!


I agree whole heartedly about the sentiments regarding Robin.

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