Monday, January 23, 2006

A nasty surprise

I've known for a while that there is a section of the hull on the port side in the aft accommodation space that is very thin. It's where this big flake of rust was from.

What I didn't know was just how thin it was.

A nasty surpriseI've avoided doing any rust busting on this section, on purpose, but as part of prepping the steel for insulating the hull this section had to be attacked. I started by asking Robin to weld over the worst spots which were below the waterline.

Unfortunately, what should have been a straightforward piece of welding turned into a battle against a jet of seawater, as the welding rod went straight through the rust and paint on the hull.

The picture shows the patches which have so far been welded. You can see the wet trace left by seawater which is still seeping in one spot.

Now this sleeping dog has been woken, we need to spend some time working out what is going to be best to do from here. Obviously the first thing will be to rust bust the entire area with the tide out, then weld up the resulting holes for now.

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