Thursday, December 15, 2005

Z431 Judith

JudithI'm still chipping rust from the bow section of Lady Jane. It's a massive area, far bigger than I'd first appreciated, and is taking a little longer to chip than expected.

Here you see me working away right at the top of the bow section.

What is weird though, is that Z.431 - Judith is emerging from behind Lady Jane.

As I'm chipping away at the rust and old paint the name Lady Jane is disappearing and Judith and her Zebrugge registration number is beginning to show through, as her name and number were originally etched into the hull using a welder.

I know I also have Zeebrugge etched on her stern in large letters, underneath her current Southampton registration, which is visible in some lighting conditions.

I now need to decide if I want to keep the trace of her original name and number, or to get an angle grinder and erase all her original markings.

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  1. I'd keep it as nostalgia, to give Lady Jane more depth. But I'm Belgian, so that can be a biased opinion. :)

  2. Hi rik. I'm thinking of just keeping the numbers - sort of a compromise.