Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Steering room progress

Steering room progressAs I said in my previous post, it becomes hard to remember how awful things looked once they've been painted.

Click on the link to my last steering room post by way of a reminder.

Since that picture was posted, I've rubbed the whole lot down, put primer on the walls and ceiling, sprayed the steering gear with primer and given the walls a first coat of white paint.

I've still got to give the roof a first coat of white, then the whole lot a second coat. Once that is done, I also need to paint the pipes and brackets so the whole lot is looking smart.

I'll finish the steering room with a coat of green, non-skid, deck paint.

Oh yes, and before I go too far, I also need to remember to get the stern navigation light bracket welded back in place.

The light bracket was sacrificed as part of the job of welding up the holes in the back deck. That will impact painting both on the back deck and in the steering room.

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