Thursday, December 22, 2005

Recovery one

Recovery beginsThe photo says it all really. This was taken from Lady Jane, looking down at the mud with the tide just starting to come back in.

Before even trying anything, I invested in a pair of waders similar to these. As it turns out that was a good move. You have no idea just how gross that mud is. It's jet black, thick, slimy and stinks unbelievably!

I previously justified the expense of the waders with the thought that they would be invaluable when launching and recovering the rib, as I inevitably end up wet on shallow ramps. Having only taken a few steps in the mud, buying them for this recovery operation is fully justified in it's own right.

I had to be hosed off like some big muddy thing afterwards.

Anyway this is recovery blog entry one, as I managed to get a rope on the thing that was my workbench, but failed to pull it clear using the boat and the rising tide. It's now sitting back in the mud, albeit a little bit higher than you can see in this picture.

For my next attempt I'll use a chain block. Something Robin suggested and I should have thought of earlier.

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  1. Anonymous3:19 AM

    When landing a workbench you must be very patient ;-)

    Good luck and thanks for blogging.

  2. Ha ha, good one. I didn't think of it like that.