Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Grinding issues

Grinding issuesMy trusty ol angle grinder also broke last week.

I'm not really surprised at it having some sort of problem, as it has not exactly had an easy life, given that it's been used to wire brush pretty much all of the surfaces that I've painted so far.

After initially suspecting the switch, I finally traced the problem back to a broken wire in the power cord.

With a shorter cable and a new plug, purchased yesterday, all should be back to normal with the grinder.

I certainly hope so, as it's probably the most used power tool on board at the moment.

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  1. I seen you still at your remodeling of Lady Jane... That is great! I am also happy to hear that your trusty-tool is alive and repaired... hopefully it has a few more yrs...

    If I dont hear from you... I wish you and all your love ones Happy Holidays!!


  2. Hi Maizzy, have a good one.


  3. Unusual for a Bosch to pull the pin on you like that. The gearboxes get a bit noisy and the bearings get a bit of slop in them, but they usually just keep plugging away.
    Bit like people, really...

  4. Hi Dirk

    I traced the problem back to a break in the mains cable, so I can't really blame Bosch for that!