Friday, December 02, 2005

Big stretch

I'm continuing to make good progress with priming the hull, though the wet, cold weather and Big stretchlack of daylight is starting to impact on progress.

Often now, because of the cold, it's too wet to paint until well into the afternoon, then it gets dark so fast it's hard to see the paint properly.

I've got most of the rust off the forward end of the starboard side, nearly all the way to the bow, and am almost ready to prepare this last stretch for painting with a wire brush.

Stretch being the operative word here, as I just can't quite reach the very top bits, even standing with my wooden box perched end on, on top of the workbench.

I know adding ballast would make the bow more accessible, but that project has taken a bit of a back seat for now.

Fred suggested a bosun's chair but the problem, as I see it, is that this section overhangs quite a bit, so it would be hard to get to like that, especially if I'm working alone.

I had started work on cutting longer legs for the workbench, which you can just see dwarfed against the side of Lady Jane. That will, as designed, give me that extra reach. Unfortunately it started to rain just as I started cutting, putting a stop to that for the day.

Next time, if the weather co-operates...

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  1. its always the freaken weather that ruins everything! I dont like winter sometimes, specially if you need to do stuff outside and cant due to rain/snow etc... aaahh...

    good luck on fixing Lady Jane!!

    You'll stop during winter season right? I hope so, have some rnr!

    take care...

  2. wow, with a little bit of paint, she suddenly looks way better. you must be proud to finally being able to paint after chipping away all that rust for so long. :)

  3. Hi Maizzy - I'm planning on working right through winter. Wen the weather is bad I'll just work inside.