Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wheelhouse mess

Wheelhouse MessOk, so I know it's yet another grim picture of Lady Jane but, asides for the galley which is bad beneath the portholes, I'm slowly getting all of the worst stuff dealt with.

This one, taken recently, shows the state of the wheelhouse sides and deck just after stripping away the wood cladding. And no, I still don't know why there is an alumninium section at the front and top of the wheelhouse.

I had a good idea it would be like this, as the rust from here has been staining my new paintwork outside, but still the shock of seeing daylight underfoot through the deck has taken some getting used to.

I was not planning to start work on the wheelhouse so soon, but Shaun came down to help so I took the opportunity of cracking on with this. It was too damp to work on deck projects and painting inside was hampered by condensation issues.

I need to make sure I have below decks projects that don't involve painting, for folk who come to help. Most of the things I've got saved up are jobs like stripping the cylinder head on the donkey, which is difficult for non engineering visitors to get stuck in and help with.

There is always cleaning to be done, especially in the engine room, but I do feel guilty giving people cleaning jobs to do. Still, I suppose it's got to be done.

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