Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Swan activity

This last few weeks I've been noticing a lot more swan activity on the creek than usual.

Swan activityJust the other week there were six swans a swanning about, but George saw them off.

Swans apparently pair for life, so presumably this is the time of year for pairing and finding a nesting site.

Here you see a group of four swans which were gliding by behind Lady Jane.

I tried enticing them closer for a better picture using McVities orange flavoured chocolate digestive biscuits, but they were having none of that.

I know swans like bread, but I thought something a little more up market would have them flocking to me. Obviously they had more important things on their minds.

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  1. orange flavoured digestives?!! i never knew they did them!!! mmmmmmmmm

  2. They are wonderful. The mint ones are pretty good too.