Monday, November 21, 2005

Rowing machine

When I first bought Lady Jane I was told there was a rowing machine somewhere in the steering room.

Rowing machineThere was so much stuff piled in there I had not really paid much attention to it, other than being aware of an old hessian sack full of steel rods and things, which I presumed was it.

When I had to clear the steering room, so the back deck could be cut and welded, I dragged the sack out and decided to take the rower home for a closer inspection, rather than put it into indefinite storage.

The next day, in the privacy of my home, I put the thing together and gave it a try.

What torture!

A few hours and a couple of photographs later, it was for sale on eBay!

Phil, who bought it a while ago, finally came round to pick it up this weekend. He plans to use it as part of an exercise routine, recovering from a car accident. Good luck to him.

A few more quid for paint.

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