Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The kayak

Here you see Andy posing beside the kayak which has been kicking around on Lady Jane's deck ever since I bought the boat. The kayakIt's mostly just been getting in the way.

I've been calling it a canoe all this time, but have now been put right on that one.

I've only had it in the water once before, to investigate the platform which you now see alongside Lady Jane.

Andy is a keen canoeist, so was up for taking the kayak out for a proper spin.

Not even one minute into our adventure down Fareham creek we were suddenly both grateful for our life jackets. Not that we tipped over or anything, but it was very very close!

Asides for the occasional perilous wobble, with accompanying splash of cold water, steering the thing was our biggest problem (mainly my fault). Anyone would think we had been down the pub before we set off.

We got back to Lady Jane some time later, tired and pretty wet - despite the waterproofs.

It was fun though, and I'm resolved to get some proper covers for the top of the kayak (spraydecks I think they're called), so I don't get so much water in, and give it another go.

My poor aching muscles....

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  1. Lol, I went out with a kayak once too, my arms hurt for a week after that :)

  2. rik, happily for me my legs, arms and things only ached for a few days as Andy, the expert canoeist, is still recovering from a broken collarbone, so we did not go too far.