Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hull priming

It has been cold, but dry. This has meant I've made good progress with getting Hull primingmore primer onto Lady Jane.

Here you see a relatively small, but very significant, patch of primer on the hull. Provided the weather holds, I'm planning to grow that patch significantly over the coming weeks.

It's getting the first coat of primer on which is proving to be the toughest job, on account of all the preparing of the underlying steel which has to be done. Once primed, the actual job of Painting Lady Jane should progress fairly rapidly. Weather permitting of course..

With all that rust finally beginning to disappear, I'm feeling so much more positive about this whole project. This really motivates me to get on and achieve even more on board.

Of slight concern is that no matter what I do, in some places I get small patches of rust seeping back through the primer, for no apparent reason.

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