Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I brought some more homework back from Lady Jane.

HomeworkThese are planks of wood, which together make up a box which the steering gear sits in. I also have a set of planks which I will use for shelving in the steering room.

The plan being to clean up the wood with the jetwash, then give them all a lick of paint.

The big problem I have at the moment is the cold. The hosepipe and the jetwash were both frozen, so it was late in the day before the wood even got cleaned up. I finally had to resort to defrosting the jetwash indoors.

Now, with it still being so cold, the wood remains obstinately wet. Painting has been out of the question so far.

My garage has no heating, and even I draw the line at taking bits of timber into the house to dry.

Maybe it's time to get a heater for the garage. In any event, this particular homework project will just have to wait until the wood dries out.

It's not as if this will hold me up or anything, as I've still got plenty of work to do before the steering room is ready for the painted timbers:
  • Painting the steering gear itself
  • Painting the room with finishing paint
  • Colour coding the piping (blue for fresh water, yellow for oil)
  • Painting the shelving brackets black (for effect)
  • Cleaning the steering room deck thoroughly
  • Filling in the holes in the deck
  • Painting the steering room deck with non skid paint


  1. Can you borrow a portable electric space heater for in the garage and turn it up to roar, just to get them dried out? 48 hours should do the trick. Beter than heating the whole garage permanantly (unless that's what you WANT to do, and need an excuse for the Little Woman, in which case, never mind...)

  2. Hi Peter

    It's a fine idea and one I may have to resort to, though my garage is fully loaded with paint for Lady Jane and petrol for the rib, so any unattended heating could prove troublesome.