Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Clear decks

I've spent some time clearing the debris which has been accumulating on deck, much of Clear deckswhich you can see in this picture.

The debris consisted of a mixture of stuff, including rotten wood, concrete and steel from the fish hold and flakes of rust and old paint, the result of chipping rust from Lady Jane.

There is still plenty more to come out of the boat, starting with more wood from the stern accommodation when I take the rest of the ceiling and then the floor out.

Unfortunately clearing the debris, along with topping up the fresh water tank in the stern of Lady Jane, has had the effect of canceling out the last load of ballast I'd put in a few weeks ago. Lady Jane's bow is now riding higher in the water.

The deck does looks so much better without all the clutter, so the effort has been worth it.

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