Friday, November 25, 2005

Accommodation issues

As work on the steering room is drawing to a close, so the focus on working on the aft accommodation is growing.

Accommodation issuesMost of the steel in the aft accommodation is in extremely good shape, with big sections completely rust free and like new.

Unfortunately however, like so much on dear old Lady Jane, there are a few places with 'issues'. The picture shows a section of plate from both above and below decks which has rusted through into the aft accommodation from the deck above (click on it for a larger image).

The pipe you can see is the drain from the shower room above. The box at the end is a one way valve, which stops sea water from sploshing back up into the shower room. This, along with the two other valves in the stern accomodation, sink and toilet, will also need servicing.

Due to a fairly recent liberal application of bitumen, the rusted through bit is dry at the moment. Thank goodness.

I still need to remove more planking to expose the rusted section. Though I can already see that this is going to prove a big headache, as the rusty steel extends beneath the concrete which lines the edge of the deck.

To do this properly is going to prove a nightmare for several reasons:
  • Firstly I will need to cover the entire deck, to stop water from elsewhere seeping into the accommodation space through the hole which will inevitably be exposed on deck while this work is done.
  • I will need to dig out the concrete from the edge of the deck to get to the underlying steel. This will then need to be replaced and sealed against any further moisture getting in.
  • I will need to take up more planking from the deck, to get to the steel below. Again, this will need replacing and sealing.
I must say, I am very tempted to simply overplate this section and rely on sealing up the deck against any further moisture getting in as effectively as possible, as I would need to do the sealing bit anyway.

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