Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A new creation

Hauling all this ballast around to the boat has prompted a new creation.

I have now started work on building myself a trolleyA new creation, which I can use to wheel all this heavy stuff about the place. It's not just the ballast, there always seems to be stuff to cart between Lady Jane and the truck, or from Lady Jane to the skip.

The basic frame is now welded together and I have castor wheels on order, hopefully they will be delivered in the next few days.

Next I've got to weld the uprights on, these will hold the wooden sides in place.

I'll get the wood for the base and the edges once I have everything else welded together and the wheels bolted on. This is mainly so I can accurately measure up the sizes I'll need.

I don't know why I didn't think about this earlier. Needless to say, the new trolley will be blue.

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  1. Hey tim,

    I love that picture. It's so artsy!! I wish you lived close tome... You sound like you can teach a person like me who knows nothing of welding, building, or anyhting that has to do with fixing! I love your stories. Been absent for abit now I need to catch up to see what you been up to with Lady Jane!

    Hope alls good,


  2. Instead of having fixed sides on your trolley, have you thought of making them detachable (inserted into RHS sockets or something)? Make it a lot easier to get the ballast out, good for awkwardly shaped..., umm..., stuff, too.

  3. Hi Maizzy, welcome back.

  4. Hi Dirk

    You see just the basic frame, I've now welded posts on each corner, with slots to take a wood board.

    The slots will allow me to use the trolley as a container, as well as a flat bed.

    Good blog by the way