Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More destruction

The wheelhouse ceiling has been the latest victim in the quest to seal the boat from the elements, as winter and it's accompanying wet and windy weather will soon be here.

More destructionI've known there were holes in the wheelhouse roof for quite some time, but have not worried about it so much as I thought they were fairly insignificant.

Fixing the holes in the steel presented no major problems, asides of course for the necessary damage to the ceiling.

For some strange and unfathomable reason, the front and part of the roof section of the wheelhouse is made from aluminium (aluminum for you guys in the US), which is riveted to the steel section behind and below. WheelhouseYou can see the join line in pictures of the outside of Lady Jane. Anyway, since a portion of the ceiling had to come down anyway I investigated the leak in the aluminium part of the roof a little further.

It turns out, assisted by a convenient rainstorm, that the joint in the roof between the aluminium and the steel in the roof is leaking quite a bit more than I thought. This explains why the wheelhouse deck is rusted so completely through to the outside, where it overhangs the deck.

It would be bad form to loose one's skipper through a rusty bridge deck, so obviously I need to fix this. That will also help protect my precious new paintwork below.

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