Friday, October 28, 2005


The nights are drawing in, and this weekend the clocks go back. Now it's time to think about floodlights on Lady Jane, so I can continue working on deck when it's dark.

I've thought long and hard about floodlighting, and opted to go down the low energy floodlighting route.

I've chosen the low energy floodlights simply because I can run them from the battery bank anytime I want. I have no worries about the amount of power they drain, as the wind turbine will easily be able to keep up.

I've yet to mount my forward deck floodlight, but have finally made the decision to take down the working 110V DC deck floodlight from above the wheelhouse and replace it with a low energy floodlight. The difficulty, in my head, being I'm doing away with a perfectly serviceable floodlight, though in truth it can only be used when either the main or donkey engines are running.

I had a similar issue with cannibalising the tripod Floodlightingthe two 500W floodlights, which you can see in the picture, were mounted on, in favour of one low energy floodlight, but that's done and I'm pleased with the result. Now I have a portable floodlight that I can use almost anywhere without being concerned about power consumption. (26 Watts versus 1000 Watts).

I also have an old, but very sturdy, camera tripod which I'll try and mount a third floodlight on, this will then be used mostly below decks as a replacement for my leadlight, which I've never been happy with.

In power consumption versus light produced I'm definitely gaining. In available light to work by I'm slightly down, but not by any really serious amount.

After trials, at 26 Watts the low energy floodlights put out an impressive amount of light. Certainly more than enough to work by. I realise though that I won't be able to make toast by them, unlike the pair of 500W lights, but then I've a toaster on board for that.

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