Thursday, October 06, 2005


Mark guides Robin in the diggerBallast as Robin eases the forklift attachment into my truck to remove another load of ballast for me. Each one of those triangular blocks of iron weighs 18 kg's (about 40 lbs).

I've added 1,764 kg's (4,000 pounds) of the toblerone shaped ballast into the bow of Lady Jane, right down in the bottom of the boat for increased stability. The sad fact is that one and three quarter odd tonnes of ballast has only brought Lady Jane's bow down a few inches. I reckon the bow needs to come down at least a foot.

I sit here completely exhausted and covered in bruises, as maneuvering that ballast in the confines of Lady Jane's bow is not easy, thinking I've got to do at least another eight tonnes of this stuff.

Oh yes, and at £200.00 (US$ 350.00) a tonne, this is not a cheap form of exercise either.

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  1. Fred (WWR)6:41 PM

    HI Tim!!

    I love that bone yard you are getting babllast from. I can't explain it but that is my favorite type of place to wander around.

    By the way, I think I found the Lady Jane with Google earth. Is there a major highway right off her bow?

  2. Hi Fred.

    I looked on Google Earth, but cannot get a clear image of the yard and marina next door.

    The best I can find is here: Lady Jane is nestled between the quay and the little marina to the west. She is currently pointing north.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Tim. We had the same ballast issues but I wanted to wait until we filled the fuel tamks before committing to hard ballast. In the meantime I have added five tons of water ballast to the fwd most compartment and that has brought the bow down to where we are happy. The water works fine and is easier to move than the hard stuff until we know for sure how she will trim out with full tanks...might be a while though before we can fill "er up. Rick and Karen ...Wanderbird

  4. Hi Rick and Karen.

    Yup, I know how you feel about "filling er up". I guess you can bunker similar quantities to me - 32,000 litres (7,000 gallons).

    I'm wondering if it would be cheaper for me to sail to the Middle East to top up with diesel (just kidding).