Monday, October 10, 2005

A backward step

Hmm, I've had to take a bit of a step backwards.

A backward stepThis, that you can see, is a hole I've cut into the roof of the shower room. To do this I've had to take out the shower fitting and all the associated plumbing. This is because all the piping and fittings were plastic and I did not want to risk melting any of it when cutting the hole.

I know I could have put a bucket of water up there when cutting with the oxyacetylene, but better safe than sorry.

There was a vent up there, but it had rusted almost completely away. For now, I'll simply weld a piece of plate over the hole and see how I get on. This will also mean that once the galley vent has been repaired, painting on the back deck can finally start.

If condensation becomes an issue, I can always replace the vent sometime in the future.

I will also weld some much needed new metal in the skirting of the shower room at the same time, as the metal there has rusted away quite badly.

Anyway, the plumbing is not too hard to replace and I can finally plumb in my much needed new sink at the same time.

After re-painting, putting up new shelving and the new mirror, which has been floating around for a while now, work in the shower room will finally be complete - for now.

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  1. OH! I wish you well. What a fun blog about boating. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Tim,
    I just thought I’d just drop a line to say I really enjoy reading the posts on your blog. I'm definitely going to bookmark you! By the way, I am Neil. Check out my blog if you have the time. My dad was a sailor, did quite a bit of sailing with him, miss those good days. He has taken up a shore job now.

    I noticed that all your post have Technorati tags at the end. Which software do you use? I’m using this software called Qumana at the moment. Have you tried it, is it better than the one you using at the moment.

    Please do email the name of the software you are currently using.

  3. Hi Shyloh, thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Neil. Welcome on board.

    I use Textpad to edit my posts and simply copy/paste the code I need for my pictures from Flickr and previous posts.

    The technorati tags are part of my blogger template. Low tech I know, but it works well for me.