Tuesday, September 27, 2005



This photo montage shows the transition from O 431 Judith, a North Sea fishing trawler, to Lady Jane, a partly converted live-aboard.

Believe it or not, they really are all pictures of the same boat. If you are interested, click on the image, then click on 'all sizes', then click 'original' to see the detail.

The first picture must have been taken when she was still being used as a fishing trawler.

The second must have been taken when she was first moored in the River Itchen.

The third was taken in the Solent, when I brought her round to Fareham.

The last one was taken in Fareham a few months ago, after I had spent a day rust-busting on the hull.

I am grateful to Jean-Pierre Van Elverdinghe for sending me more pictures of Lady Jane, including a few black and white ones which must have been taken when Judith was practically brand new.

I am hoping to add another picture in the series, showing Lady Jane completely painted in grey primer, with no rust showing, before too long.

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  1. You've taken on a huge task !
    Good luck ! I'll pop back now and then to see how you're doing :-)