Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It's amazing what a difference that first coat of primer topsides has made to Lady Jane.

PrimimgFor those of you who read this blog and have seen Lady Jane in the flesh, you will really appreciate the significance of this picture.

Now I can stand on Lady Jane's deck and hardly see any rust at all. There are patches left, I know, but those will soon be gone.

I have learned an enormous amount about paints and painting in a marine environment. The two biggest lessons have been that proper marine paint is expensive and that you have to do it properly or you are just wasting your time.

I originally started painting on board Lady Jane using Rustroy and the white paint that that the previous owners had left on board. To my mind, Rustroy is a primer and the writing on the white paint tins said Paint, Finishing, Ships so it should have all worked ok. Wrong.

It turns out, as best as I can tell, that the white paint I had used is pourous, and the Rustroy only converts the rust to make a surface suitable for painting on top of, and is no use as a primer in it's own right in a marine environment. All of the white painting I've done on the boat has rust showing through to some extent or other.

There is no real harm done as, asides for the footings on deck, I have caught it in time and believe I can just coat what I've already done with proper primer. I'll have to start from scratch with the rusty footings. Thankfully though, it's a fairly minor task.

The issue of what paints to use is by no means a simple one. The paint system I'm now using is a base of Rustroy, followed by two or three coats of two pack epoxy primer, to be followed by two coats of two pack epoxy paint. Ideally I'd shot blast Lady Jane and start from clean metal with epoxy primer but, due to cost, that is not an option.

I'm also trying two different types of epoxy system, one from W&J Leigh & Co the other from Hemple Marine.

Hopefully it will be quite some time before I'll be able to judge which is the best paint system to use in the longer term.

If anyone out there knows any better, feel free to get in touch before I start on the hull.

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  1. Heya Mr...

    I see you been fixing like always... New layout, sweet! Just pasing by and saying hi... Been away on a small vacation trip!

    all the best!


  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    As someone working in the Paint Industry (and with no ties to the company I'm recommending), I agree with the choice of Hempel. Good stuff. But if you find yourself in Manila, Philippines for some odd reason, might I recommend something else? :P

  3. Fred (WWR)10:43 PM

    Looking good Tim!!!

  4. There is no telling what may happen with Lady Jane. Manila, Philippines is not out of the question at all.

    There was talk at one point of taking her to Thailand for a refit.

  5. Thanks for that Fred. Hopefully, if the weather is kind I'll get to paint more this weekend.