Monday, September 05, 2005

Patching holes

We have made a start on patching the holes in the rear deck.

Here you can see Robin grinding the edge of a hole Patching holescut into the very back of the deck, ready for a new piece of steel to be welded into place.

We have cut back the rusty bits, making a neat line in good steel using an oxy-propane cutting torch. This gives us a good edge to weld the new plate onto.

In this spot the stern navigation light used to sit on a bracket, between two edges of the deck railing. Water had obviously seeped into the gaps, where painting would be difficult, and worked it's way into the underlying metal. The bracket and deck plating were completely rusted away.

The navigation light, bracket and the rest of the stern railing will all need to be restored, but for now the focus is on sorting out the holes in the deck.

So far, on the rear deck, I have two holes fixed and six more to go.

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