Monday, September 26, 2005

Galley roof repairs

The job of welding the holes in the galley roof is well under way.

Galley roofHere you see smoke drifting across the galley roof while Robin welds on the deck above.

Welding produces a distinctive, but not unpleasant, smell.

So far we have patched four of the holes in the galley roof. After some discussion I opted to weld patches over the holes without cutting back the rusted metal and cutting plates to fit the holes as we have done elsewhere, simply because I did not want to create any more havoc in the galley than strictly necessary.

The issue of cutting into the galley with oxy-acetalene is that it is very messy, combined with a risk of fire, with hot melted metal flying all over the place.

Right now I have two more holes in the galley roof to weld over, then a vent to the galley and a vent to the shower room to replace and I'll finally be able to prime the back deck.

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  1. Hi Tim, The boat is looking good, nice job. I had looked at a steel schooner, of a similar size, and read with interest about your paint system. Will look forward to future posts. regards, Mike

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for that. The positive comments do help to keep me motivated. Both with the blog and the boat.

    It sounds like you know what I'm going through. If you have stuff to contribute, by all means e-mail me and I'll include it.