Friday, September 09, 2005


Luke, from the BBC came to visit.DIY SOS I sent the BBC program DIY SOS an SOS e-mail and was pleasantly surprised by the response.

DIY SOS is essentially about people who have impossible DIY projects that they really need help on. I think I probably qualify on that score.

After a few phone calls and e-mails, Luke came to visit Lady Jane yesterday. I must say doing a tour of the boat while being interviewed on camera is a bit strange.

Could be, if things go well, I'll have a huge leg up on Lady Jane's living accommodation and finally get to literally live (on) my dream. The bonus being I'll be on national telly.

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  1. That's fabulous! Keep us posted. If you end up on the show, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they air it on BBCAmerica.

  2. Hi Tim. Glad to get back from sea and catch up on your happenings with LJ. On a different topic you might be pleased to learn that we did a fuel consumption study for our Industire Diesel and found that at a cruising speed of 6.5 knts that we were actually burning less than 5 GPH and that includes one generator running as well! We are sure that you have the same engine aboard LJ. We have become VERY fond of our Industire engine.....a magnificent piece of machinery. Kind Regards, Rick and Karen

  3. could you post a message on my blog with the date they whill air it. I hope it's on BBC1 or BBC2 , cause we can only get those two in belgium.