Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Painted bench

Painted benchProgress on Lady Jane has been steady, but dull I'm afraid.

I have painted the workbench, using Hammerite. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by how fast it dries. The whole bench has had two coats, a process I thought would take much longer than it did. Unusual for me that.

The painting has reminded me that I need to crack on and finish some of my other painting projects, if the weather will co-operate.

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  1. hey Tim,

    alls good in the front i hope! is that the color u painted your new workbench? blue? i would have gone with a metal shade myself... heee.. but atleast its been done... i see that the site for the hermite have different colors.. well, what i saw was green, blue and silver... hope all is good with you and Lady Jane...

    take care,


  2. Whoah, dude. You look just like Jean Luc Picarde. hehe. He was HOT.


  3. Thanks for that Danielle, you are welcome back to my blog anytime.