Thursday, August 25, 2005

O 431 - Judith

O 431 Judith

Here she is, Lady Jane or O 431 as she was known then.

This, and a link to a few other pictures was sent to me by Klaas Koornstra in the Netherlands. The link is to a Dutch shipping data website. Lady Jane's page is here: (Scroll down for thumbnails of more pictures).

Klaas found my blog when searching for an Industrie engine for his boat. Of Lady Jane's Industrie engine Klaas says "this engine and brand is known as the best marine engine in the world in the 60ties and 70ties. Unfortunately they made their engines so well that, once they bought such an engine, owners sailed forever, without ordering a new one. This is the reason why the company went bankrupt in 1977."

Thanks Klaas. The new information is really appreciated. It also explains the green I find underneath the blue paint on the hull.

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