Friday, August 12, 2005

The muddy swans

Mildred and her three cygnets came around for a visit, looking for food I'm sure. Later on I saw George with them as well, Muddy swansso all the muddy swans are just fine.

If you click on the picture and look closely, dib and dob were swimming around with one leg stuck out behind their backs. Presumably they are just too cool to use both legs for the trivial task of paddling about behind mum.

The muddy swans usually hang out by the slipway, across the way from Lady Jane. I suppose there are more people there with hand outs for them.

They still sleep on the platform in front of Lady Jane at night as George, who must have been on guard, surprised me with much loud hissing when I got back from the pub the other night.

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  1. Hey Tim, just wondering if you got the photos that we sent? Boy, that can be a heck of a scare being hissed at by a large swan after an evening in the pub! We are out to sea this next ten days aboard the Wanderbird conducting research on North Atlantic Right Whales and we have just decided to cruise the coast of Labrador in August 2006 aboard the Wanderbird...any of you bloggers want to come along?
    So long for now, Rick and Karen

  2. Hey Tim,
    goodness that must have been a scary situation, but imagine if u were really drunk, crap, that would have been way too much animal for you to handle. heee... hey!

    Rick and Karen, i wanna go, i am 100% available! heee...

    the Duckies are so cute!!! aaahh... i want them... please email them to me... heee... j/k

    have a good one,


    ps: did i mention i am aviable for the ride with Rick and Karen! i can pack my bags in 5min. heee...